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Ex-girlfriend (2011)

Pen & Ink, Picture of stars inset, Photoshop colors


Mermaid w/ Tsartini

made this as an illustration for a Tsong lyric I wrote for Tsars: Just finished the illustration, now that it’s been 2 years since I was in the band- and a Tsplendid band it still is-

Her Watery Lair
She hears her ocean call
It echoes in her shell-like ears
And she casts one more glance at me
And casts herself into the sea
She’s in Poseidon’s thrall
His rolling waves engulf the tears
She’s weeping as she sings to me
And pulls me down into the sea
Once in her arms I find in tentacles I am entwined
Sinking down below to fathom where the dead men go
She drags me down so deep
To realms of the Leviathan
To dark forbidden mysteries
That lie in wait beneath the sea
On her ocean bed I’ll sleep
Never more to walk on land
Her lips give one cold kiss goodnight
She slowly rises to the light.
I hope she doesn’t weep for me, it’s really not too deep for me
I’ve simply traded light and air for one night in her watery lair…

Pithecophobia: Fig 3

…and then he pulled out a straight razor



Pithecophobia Fig. 2

Yvonne might appear amused, but this is no joking matter.

There ain’t no Monsanto Claus

We should Round-Up Monsanto, and plant something fruitful in their spot.

They’ve known for years and years that their poisons cause birth defects, and they’ve concealed it.

It kind of makes you wonder what disgusting secrets they have about the bovine growth hormone they produce. It kind of makes you wonder what pernicious things lurk in the genetically engineered seeds they produce (90% of the genetically engineered seeds in the U.S.!).

I suppose we should just be grateful they’ve stopped making DDT and Agent Orange, unless that’s really what they’re selling in those Nutrasweet packages.




Voodoo Doll 2



Rags, yarn, Wooden head, paint, spangles, old buttons, made by Eva & me.

OK, it’s not REALLY a voodoo doll, but you could easily retrofit it as a voodoo doll with a little hair or nail clippings, some newt blood & chicken bones.

Voodoo Doll

Rags, yarn, vintage buttons, watchband, 70’s earrings,  wooden head, paint, fork. Made in collaboration with Eva.

Pithecophobia: Fig 1

I’m trying to work through my thing about monkeys…I look at the picture, I try to keep breathing regularly and suppress my hastening cardiac response…

I think I might be more scared of monkeysuits than real monkeys.

Soul Story: my Favorite Chick Tract

I have hundreds of Chick Tracts. I’m endlessly amused by them. That Jack T. Chick is one kooky, zany dude! But here’s a couple scans from my favorite one of all.

It’s no longer in heavy rotation among the tract-passers, but I consider it a classic.<a

You really have to appreciate the way Jack is trying to identify & get down with with the Superfly Generation, don’t you? The story is typical Chick formula: bad man lives terrible life but confesses his sins & accepts Jesus at the last possible moment to win THE GOLDEN TICKET OF DIVINE FORGIVENESS & HEAVEN. I do not find this nonsense uplifting, any more than promises of seventeen virgins to suicide bombers, or the necessity of last rites. I mean,  Chick Tracts are chock full of mortally repellent concepts,  but the artwork is terrific, particularly the Fred Carter illustrated tracts. Jack’s own cartoons are pretty primitive by comparison to Fred Carter’s drawing…  Look at how mad this warden gets:

And here’s the redemption scene. Whew! Just In time!

Autosarcophagy Fig 6: Ouroboros

Ourboros, the Snake that eats itself. 

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