Fat Ass on Couch: a Patriotic Poem

I have a favorite TV show, I keep it in a pouch,
My very favorite TV show is FAT ASS ON COUCH
My mother doesn’t like it much, she really is a grouch
I wish that she could see the joy of FAT ASS ON COUCH
And when I’ve finished watching I can neither stand nor crouch
Because I’ve been immobilized by FAT ASS ON COUCH
My gyre’s surely widening, to Bethlehem I slouch
‘Cause all that I will gimble on is FAT ASS ON COUCH
I will further add endorsement, I will sit right hear and vouch
For the bliss of eating nougat, watching FAT ASS ON COUCH!


About nitrovonborax

This Site is Under the Protection of von Borax Security, Inc. & Nose Punchers Nationwide. Watch Out & Be Nice.

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