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Wonder Sauna Hot Pants!



Q; Why did the Bay of Pigs invasion fail?

A: the C.I.A. ran out of  Ham Grenades

Awesome Frazetta Cover

In my humble opinion, Frank Frazetta did most of his best paintings for covers of Edgar Rice Burroughs books. The later, more painterly ones for the Pellucidar and Warlord of Mars series are legendary- but I got this for just $3.50 the day before yesterday- the 1963 edition of  The Monster Men. It makes me happy.

Pithecophobia: Fig 4

Tip:  Bananas can be a sign of EITHER clowns or Monkeys.


Q: Why do you never see see pigs downtown?

A: It’s so hard to find a porking space.


So, my rich uncle, he wants me to think he’s poor so I don’t ask him for money- He LIES to me- like, he tells me he’s got a Tudor house- I count, it’s got like 8 or 10.

Roadprize #3437: Land Beaver Skull

…AKA Groundhog, Woodchuck, Marmota Monax. 3.52″ long.  Found while biking past Partridge Path on Stone School.

Space Pigeon

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