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Pithecophobia Fig. 10: Pithecophobia from Paramount


Pithecophobia Fig. 9 :even Wonder Woman isn’t Safe- from Nazi Apes.

Pithecophobia Fig. 8: Worst Monkey Suit Yet

New Scan: Birthday

Gumball Machine Skeleton Piratized with Common Office Supplies & Cocktail Sword

Piratization: Oh, it’s a word.  & It totally happens.

Thanks for Lugging the Cross Out of the Jungle


Nice pen work, isn’t it? (from Judge Parker, I think). Found stuck to filing cabinet. Useful metaphor, there, Lugging the Cross Out of the Jungle…

Common Transylvanian Prototypes Series 1:

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Common American Prototypes Series 1

I had posted the Repiglican previously, but the Wolfublican and the dude from the SheeParty are new…

Pithecophobia Fig. 7: Monkeys with bad english skills

One Zipper does it all.

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