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Pithecophobia: Fig 13


Water Tower Worship Fig. 2: the Second Pittsfield Postcard

Awesome “Monster Men” Cover #2

…after I posted the Frazetta cover for “the Monster Men,” I realized I had a different edition, with another great cover by…some other dude… already in my pulp bookcase. Clearly an Edgar Rice Burroughs work that inspires graphic excellence-

Water Tower Worship Fig. 1: the Pittsfield Postcard

Pithecophobia: Fig 12


New Inspirational Poster!

I said I was gonna do it, and I did it, too.


Altogether Today I’d Rather be Wearing My Lederhosen, in the Italian Alps.

This Weekend’s Project:The License Plate BirdHaus

I knew those license plates would be useful eventually.

Pithecophobia Fig 11: WHITE PONGO


TSARS poster from 2009

The image was also used on the 45 vinyl release. I got her backdrop, with the hookah and colored curtains, from one of my ancient vintage exotica records called…sounds of the suez?… or something….but then I photoshopped in my own bellydancer over the somewhat shabby one in the original picture.

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