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Random von Borax Sketches from 2011

All of these are things I drew when I should have been doing something useful.

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Sketch: 2 Women Who Think They’re a Car Every Morning on My Street

TSARS: Jaan Pehechan Ho (2009)

…with exotic travel posters



BORAX Video: Goin’ to Detroit circa 1995


With a tour thru the old poster varietals…

Zombie on a Pink Bike

Well, why not?

The Search Engine Terms that Lead Here Make a Decent Poem

Junkyard robots, the jungle girl
License plate birdhouse, angry sun tattoo
Punk santa! santa with a knife! Santa with a shiv!
Karps scoop-n-bake! Karps muffin batter! Sell muffin batter! Bucket of muffin batter!
Can I bake frozen muffins batter?
Nazi gorillas! Angry silverback gorilla! Scary monkeys! Scary gorilla! Real monkeys! Bad monkey!
Girl gorilla! Chimp!
Starcrash kewpee…
Vorarephilia pulp…
Monster men, erotic dolls…
One zip clothes, polyester hair
Petroleum jelly donut, no protests
Bad bananas, scoop n bake: why wonder sauna hot pants failed

Edit: not entirely decent

Poster for Honey Creek Parent & Faculty Ball…

Sketch: Still Trying to Feel Natural Wielding my New Viking Sword


Autosarcophagy Fig. 5: Ham Heaven

Ham Heaven, in Ferndale. Out of business, now. But boy, did the pigs ever love being slaughtered and eaten at  Ham Heaven.

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