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Autosarcophagy Fig. 7: Mr. Cheeze Biscuit in LOVE


Autosarcophagy Fig. 6: Mr. Peanut

…I took this picture of a life-size Mr. Peanut Costume in an antique shop window in Depot Town, Ypsilanti; the hollow eyes mutely attest to the moral vacuity of a nut that desires nothing so much as it’s own gormandization…


So, it’s not an ESCALATOR if you’re going DOWN, is it? And everybody just goes around blithely saying, like, “oh, just take the escalator down to the mezzanine level,” like that makes any sense whatsoever.

It makes me furious.

So I made this up as a public service announcement.
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BORAX: Croquet (1996)


She looked at me with eyes sublime,
A stranger, and stranger yet
She gave me tea,
A wedge of lime,
and so we played croquet.
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me
We waltzed a bit and wore white clothes,
Tiptoed thru the tulips,
I must admit I ate a rose
And drank a few mint juleps…
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me

(written 1986)

Borax: Head Nurse (1987) disorienting remix

This makes me slightly queasy, which seems appropriate.

BORAX: Party with the Gods 1996

From “DEATH to BORAX LIVE”  the “last” Borax show,1996, before the horrified eyes of the Art Fair:

Poster Art by Greg Peters & Nitro

New Business Development Document for von Borax Consulting: the YESCALATOR

Illustrating the basic concepts of P.O.P.S.I. & N.A.P.

“you can’t go too far wrong- if you “N.A.P.” on the job”

Why Don’t You Put Your Business- on the YESCALATOR?  -click for larger-

email our consultants for lengthy expensive sessions full of mixed metaphors and mangled verbiage TM von Borax Consultants

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