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The Lorax: Epilogue

That Truffula seed never sprouted again.
The Lorax stayed lifted with all of his friends.
The waters were poisoned, the skies remained black,
And none of the Bar-ba-loots ever came back.
High up in his Lerkim, the Once-ler alerted
His whole corporate family, who deftly perverted
The words of the Lorax, who spoke for the trees
So fat jerks at Mazda could sell S.U.V.’s
And patsies could shovel, twixt slack eager lips,
IHOP’s lousy pancakes with “Truffula Chips.”
And down in the dirt, soaked in toxins and diesel,
Reposes, unknowing, that sad old man Geisel
A cheap shill for sugary crap and pollution,
And only an ass would pretend that it’s Seussian.

…with Apologies to Dr.Seuss

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