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Moist Towelette: Album #1: “Moist Towelette”

Album Cover for the electronica band “Moist Towelette,” debut 1991.

Track listing:

1. “Alcohol Wipe!”

2. “(Woke up from my) Wet Nap!”

3. “Insanitizer!”

…well, it SHOULD be an album cover.


The TV Will Tell You When the Situation’s Normal

Mixed Medias incl. thousands of rubber bands, softball, power drink lids, TV in field, pencils, Photoshoppe

Vintage Scents from the Resale Shoppe

Last week’s resale shoppe find: “HIS SEXIEST MUSKS,” vintage eau de toilets aged in a resale shoppe for maximum Muskiferousness.

Hey, insufficiently musky men, what’s your Musk Choice for TODAY?

“NEW MUSK” for when you want to smell NEWLY musky?

“BODman FRESH BLUE MUSK” the Musk with overtones of disinfectant and menthol cigarettes?

or “SKIN MUSK” the Musk that makes your Skin Musky?

Still available: $4 in Beulah, MI


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