Wayne Upon the Wooftop: A Christmas Present for the NRA

I hear Wayne upon the wooftop
He’s declaiming to the skies
He’s been paid to guard those goddamn guns
With pennies for your eyes
He’s got Smith & Wesson’s blessin’s
So he’ll never be alone
Gun erect against the government
With all their tanks and drones
I hear Wayne upon the wooftop
I’m afraid he’s lost his head
‘Cause he says he only feels safe
In a fusillade of lead
He blames videos and movies
And the things we do for fun
Excepting target practice
On dark shadows with a gun
I hear Wayne upon the wooftop
And he’s firing no blanks
While survivalists and nutjobs
Offer up their praise and thanks
Yes that’s Wayne upon the wooftop
Of the school, a dancing clown –
But it’s really only funny
When the Wayne is falling down.


About nitrovonborax

The Mighty Arthammer of von Borax strikes the Anvil of Universal Consciousness, forging Iconic Singularities of Metaphor. Nitro von Borax is widely recognized as the natural heir to the crumbling facade of an empire that Thomas Kinkade built with massmarket hack-retouched cottagey papscapes, which glow as though lit by pernicious chip-grease fires within and trigger pleasurable dissociative transport to the plebian viewer. Mr. von Borax, known to his discerning, sophisticated & politically progressive fans as "The Painter of Sprinkly Sparkles," pulls inspiration from Betty & Veronica BOTH, stolen travel brochures & comic books, Martin Denny & Italian Giallo Movies to visualize and manifest pure unfettered awesomeness for your astral excursions. His portfolio resonates at a frequency only bats can hear.

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