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Amerikan Waterpark, in Color



Amerikan Waterpark


Moist Towelette: Album Cover #2: “Oo o”

What is it about the common restaurant-issued single-serving Moist Towelette that inspires such artistic achievement?

This is the second design that I’ve posted- here’s the first– I manipulated colors, but the designs are just the way that Jolene hands ’em to you with your chicken & biscuit.

moist towelette 2

Featuring Hit Songs:

“Finger-Lickin’ Rude”

“Use Once then Discard”

“Mildly Fragrant”

“Better than Moist”

Another great album cover (circa 1993) for the band Moist Towelette- this one would be also handsome at 7’x7′, displayed over the midcentury modern davenport.

A Viking Girl for No Good Reason


Dragon Tattoo


…I found the original drawing now featured on my left bicep…

Favorite Local Ceiling: The Rotunda at the Natural History Museum

chandelier at the Natural History Museum

The University of Michigan Natural History Museum, reputed to be under consideration for “major renovations.”

The place is largely unchanged since I was 7, which was seventy five years ago, more or less.

I do not feel overweening optimism about renovations.

nat historynat history beavernat history weasel

With My Dingos

with my dingos

how’d ya do it?

With my dingos



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