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Pause for a 60’s Go-Go Minute

Lee Go-Go Dancers

photographed at an antique shop in Ferndale-


Orphaned Album Art

Joe "Fingers" CarrTawnyquiet village

I organized my Record Collection last Sunday. Yeah, Record Collection. And does anybody really need 46 Hawaiian albums? No, but it happens, apparently.

Anyway, I had to remove these 3 for having hideously masticated or totally missing records. Tragic.

I can imagine a lost party where they’d play one after another; start out rollicking with Joe “Fingers” Carr and some off-color jokes, segue into Gleason with some classy caviar-suspended-in-green-jello hors d’œuvres, and send the guests home drinking out of coconuts…

Bar Room Piano” and “Tawny” are undersized 10″ records, and probably that was more than enough of either, from what I heard of them before I snatched them off the turntable to save my stylus. Martin Denny’s Quiet Village, however- I’d listen to that  anytime I could get ahold of a coconut.

Jungle Girl 54,234

Jungle Girl 54,234

figure shamelessly appropriated from Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #14, published 1952:


Roadprize 3452


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