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One More ‘Teen Magazine

…August 1965- same model as July, but nice headgear. She looks a little stunned in both pictures, like somebody just hit her on the back of the head with a Quaalude or something.


The advertisements are pretty good, too-




Times They Were A-Changin’

So, somebody dropped off a passel of 1960’s magazines off at the Public Library’s free magazine exchange area and I was All Over it Like a Jar Full of Spiders (TM).

Here’s an interesting progression/2 sides of the 60’s coin: look at the evolution of the 60’s teen from the July 1964 ‘Teen Magazine to the July 1965 ‘Teen Magazine:

teen july 1964

teen mag july 65

… I also appreciate the way it’s “(apostrophe)Teen” magazine.

Pirate Drawing #53,321

Pirates.Ar & Skeet

Wherefore “Skeet!”? Who is the dashing headless swashbuckler?

I don’t remember. I drew it seven years ago and just got around to erasing the pencils and coloring…

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