Updated! Sketches Left by Greg Peters, 1962-2013

With the abrupt passing of our good friend the irreplaceable Greg Peters, I’ve been sifting through the vault.

When we lived together in the Wobbly House Anarcho-Collective, where the dryer contained broken glass and a bowling ball, and there were bands in the basement and every night was REALLY LOUD and the landlord had quite a lot to say about us to Jim’s parents at the end of it all, and Greg and I worked together at Vicious Corner, insulting frat boys and listening to the Sisters of Mercy and Husker Du  while stocking the cooler,  I was always finding some brilliantly altered mass-media or original sketches littering the carpet or left unmentioned in my sketchbooks.

Like these:greg peters.sloth bear

greg-peters.surficantgreg-peters.writing songsgreg-peters.pigman greg-peters.postcards

greg-peters.owgreg-peters.bad punker

The collage format, later to be further explored in his brilliant strip “Suspect Device,” was already kicking into high gear. Click on the below for a larger insightful look into the Jim Bakker Scandal:

greg peters.bakker incident2


We watched a LOT of Divorce Court on TV.

Greg was way ahead of his time. Harvey Comics STILL hasn’t capitalized on Casper’s market by repositioning him as a Zombie:


“The Shame of the Rudimentary Penis.” The scan doesn’t do the delicate pencil justice- it’s like a Leonardo da Vinci, if Leonardo had had a really rude sense of humor.


He always used to say, “I have a degree in psychology. I know what’s wrong with you. But I’m not telling.”


We will miss you so, Greg.

But you still make us like to fall over with the laughing.

greg-peters.crab louse

Please donate to the memorial educational fund for Greg’s 2 beautiful boys. They’re only 5-8 years out from college, and we all know that’s not available for people without money.

Go to any Chase Bank, tell them you want to make a deposit to the Magnus and Grey Wilder Peters Fund, routing #065400137.  If they need the account number, which they probably don’t, it’s 3011900171.

No, you can’t make withdrawals from the account. Nice try, though.


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  1. I remember “The Village Coroner’s Body Counter–‘We can’t take them if they’re crushed'” To paraphrase Lou Reed, Greg’s turds were worth most people’s diamonds.

  2. Lisa Geoffrion

    First comic I ever saw him do was in 1978 — right after the Jim Jones thing, a big Mr. Kool-Aid, grape flavored or course, bursting through to the thirsty followers, with a big, happy “Oh, yeah!” for them.

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