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Amerikan Ulcer

Amerikan-Ulcer color

He ate something that didn’t agree with him. What was it? I’m inclined to think it was his soul.


Please Don’t Kill Us, Phyllis: a Poem

Please don’t kill us, Phyllis;
Pickle dill us in some brine,
Please don’t tip and spill us
When on sandwiches you dine
You find us cucumbersome,
We’re happy on divine.
You decant your barrel drums
Into your Frankensteins.
Down in your root cellar
There are jars of fruits in wine,
A gypsy fortune teller
And a box of turkey spines-
We would miss these summer rains
And this sun that shines,
So we beg you please refrain
And heed our tiny whines:
Please don’t kill us, Phyllis,
Though we’re fat and sweet and fine,
Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?
We’re downhill yet disinclined.


The New Amerikan Homestead 2013


Yes, that’s the whole entire homestead. They’re keeping ahead of the Joneses, though. The Joneses are right behind them in a 1987 Toyota sedan with a cracked windshield. DRIVE ON, AMERICANS!

An Unkind Depiction

wicky wat

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t  say anything. But it’s OK to draw a picture, isn’t it?

Bad Science

bad science

Boy, I couldn’t agree more.

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