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November 9 at the Zal Gaz Grotto Club #34

zalgaz mummy


Dinnertime in Amerika: Colorized

Amerikan-Dinner color

A 3 Minute Vacation for Monday

weeki wachee

…in 1967 Weeki Wachee Florida, courtesy of Other People’s Postcards, Mailed to somebody with inscrutable script’s parents in St. Clair Shores, MI. The Blonde on the right is winking, I think.

The more I look at it the more I am strangely creeped out by the fact that both women are on their tiptoes.


Amerikan Dinner

I mean, technically it’s breakfastime as I post this, but I’m already sure looking forward to my processed fats ‘n’ chemicals tonite- another nonfood ingestible hunger solution from the fine people at Phoodco Multiglomerate

Tiger Girls spotted at the Burnt Toast Inn

tigergirls burnt toast…HEY! One of my paintings is up in the Garden area of the Burnt Toast Inn 2, located  at 415 W. William in Ann Arbor- I’d forgotten that when she bought it the owner said she was going to put the painting up to enhance the tiki atmosphere outside at her inn. Then I was driving by the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see it… I varnished the heck out of it, so it’ll probably hold up pretty well for awhile- I don’t know if she’ll take it inside for the winter, but if she doesn’t,  I’m going to feel guilty that I didn’t paint them in warmer clothes-

tiger girls in the reptile room sm

Moist Towelette Album Cover #3: “American Towelette”


Released in 2002, Moist Towelette’s 3rd album: “American Towelette:” imagery a pathetic attempt to ride the misguided pseudopatriotic wave following 9.11.2001

Featuring anthemic songs:

“American Towelette”
“Wipe It Up”
“No Mo’ Sticky Fingers”
“Ham Sanitizer”

Moist Towelette Album Cover #2: “Oo o”
Moist Towelette Album Cover #1: The eponymous album

There is, or was,  in fact, a J-Pop band called “the Moist Towelettes” – but they do not seem to have taken advantage of the brilliant album artwork already by provided by  the various companies that produce these miniature masterpieces of sanitary art…

A Trip to the Mall


You know what we like to do for recreation? We like to go into creditcard debt to purchase shiny crap made by miserable sweatshop slaves. It’s so relaxing.

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