Moist Towelette Album Cover #3: “American Towelette”


Released in 2002, Moist Towelette’s 3rd album: “American Towelette:” imagery a pathetic attempt to ride the misguided pseudopatriotic wave following 9.11.2001

Featuring anthemic songs:

“American Towelette”
“Wipe It Up”
“No Mo’ Sticky Fingers”
“Ham Sanitizer”

Moist Towelette Album Cover #2: “Oo o”
Moist Towelette Album Cover #1: The eponymous album

There is, or was,  in fact, a J-Pop band called “the Moist Towelettes” – but they do not seem to have taken advantage of the brilliant album artwork already by provided by  the various companies that produce these miniature masterpieces of sanitary art…


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