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The Terry Bakery Sign

…the sign was missing the last time I was on Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti, but I think I heard it was going in for renovations. I hope, because, great.


I was thinking at first that the sign depicts a giant rolling pin wielded by ordinary human bakers, but then you look in the window of the Terry Bakery, cruelly, jarringly cluttered-decorated? with 67 completely empty cake stands, like it’s some kind of a… cake stand store instead of a bakery… it becomes evident that they must, indeed, employ tiny, tiny bakers, as their meager stock of crullers & fritters is very small indeed, and takes up in total only about one sixteenth of the giant 1960’s glass bakery display case. I blame Popular Modern Carbohydrate Avoidance Syndrome.


Roadprize# 3468: Big Hook


The View Falling Past the 35th Floor to the Lobby of the Marriot Marquis


…Photo taken in Atlanta GA. I could have used a parachute…

The Shadow of the Rabbit


This masterful stencil was on the back of the 4-way stop sign at the corner where I live, until some stupid city crew painted over it. I miss it! Artist unknown…

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