Stolen Fruits

Cupcakes in the pantry,
Muffins in the fridge
Potatoes in a drawer with eyes
Like trolls under a bridge
None of it appeals to me,
None of it is hot,
None of it is tasty
Like this stolen fruit I’ve got

Stolen fruits are sweeter
Stolen wine is red
Stolen meat is bloodier
On freshly stolen bread

Laying in a secret place
Tallying the take
Stolen coins cannot be spent
Because they’re mostly fake
Stolen flavors on my lips
Leave me hungry still
I should not steal any more
But I’m afraid I will

On someone else’s tree
It looks so good to me
And I can’t help but grin
With stolen juices on my chin
And I’m a filthy thief
And I’m a hateful liar
I’ll pay for every leaf
In Satan’s lake of burning fire

So I was not much surprised
To find my cupcakes gone
Muffins warm and buttered,
Hot potatoes on the lawn
Sitting here with nothing
Gambled it and lost
I might have never stolen love
If I had known the cost

Stolen fruits are sweeter
Stolen wine is red
Stolen meat is bloodier
On freshly stolen bread


About nitrovonborax

The Mighty Arthammer of von Borax strikes the Anvil of Universal Consciousness, forging Iconic Singularities of Metaphor. Nitro von Borax is widely recognized as the natural heir to the crumbling facade of an empire that Thomas Kinkade built with massmarket hack-retouched cottagey papscapes, which glow as though lit by pernicious chip-grease fires within and trigger pleasurable dissociative transport to the plebian viewer. Mr. von Borax, known to his discerning, sophisticated & politically progressive fans as "The Painter of Sprinkly Sparkles," pulls inspiration from Betty & Veronica BOTH, stolen travel brochures & comic books, Martin Denny & Italian Giallo Movies to visualize and manifest pure unfettered awesomeness for your astral excursions. His portfolio resonates at a frequency only bats can hear.

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