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Logo Recycling Program


Time goes by, and now the old Borax-via-Mucha Logo is less startled and working for Gold Dust Tarot. Recycling is important! Below, the Original-

Borax Tshirt

Captain Sugarbeard: Poem & Picture, BOTH

Captain SugarbeardNVB

I’ve sailed hot seas of chocolate,
The bane of lolly-boats,
The truffle-barges yield their freight
(So they can better float)!
I’m maple syruptitious
When the waffle ferries pass:
They’re ambushed, then delicious
When I ravage them at last!

My appetite’s voracious
For plundered carrot cake,
I tend to wax loquacious
Over tartlets, freshly baked,
My crew and I have pillaged
Salted caramels by the pile,
Our hideout is no village,
But a secret dessert isle!
I have drunk an egg cream ocean
And a lake of malted milk
Filled with furious emotion!
Clad in fruit leather and silk!
The Captains of the donut ships
And galleons of jam
All know to fear these frosted lips-
The Captains know I am:

The dreaded Captain Sugarbeard!
The scourge of seven sweets!
The bonbon Barons quake in fear
At thoughts of ravished fleets!

The stolen bales of macaroons
And casks of lemonade
And danishes with sugared prunes
They’re right to be afraid.
Surrender, candy clippers,
For my Jelly Roger flies!

(But the dolphins clap their flippers
For I share the cherry pies).
The dreaded Captain Sugarbeard!
The ravening Corsair!
Your nougats shall be commandeered,
Confectioners beware!

This Week’s Pulp Purchase: Case of the Brazen Beauty

Case of the Brazen Beautynvb

  1. Q: How can you tell this is from 1973? A: CHIANTI
  2. From the Back Cover Blurb: “The D.O.A. Selby and Rayder found turned out to be a stab job.” OK, “STAB JOB” is NOT a real police term. Nice try, though.
  3. Awesome wicker hat echoes the Chianti Cozy
  4. What a fabulous window seat, to slouch against in your animal print bikini

This Week’s Pulp Purchase: Me, Hood!

I read the caprion, and I look at the picture, and I think, that's funny, he doesn't LOOK like a cop with a murder record.

I read the caption, and then I look at the cover picture, and I think, that’s funny, he doesn’t LOOK like a cop with a murder record.

A Picture of Loni Anderson for No Good Reason


…a postcard from 1981.


This Week’s Pulp Purchase: The Awful Egg (Doc Savage)

“Dammit! I asked for SOFT-boiled! WAITRESS! Get your tail back over here!”

Art by Bob Larkin, after the stylings of James Bama

  1. The guy who sells Doc Savage his shirts is a MILLIONAIRE by now
  2. Especially if he also sources Bruce Banner his shirts
  3. If you saw someone in real life with a widow’s peak that descended to right between their eyebrows, it’d be startling! I have for many years been waiting for body-modifiers to do more with hair transplants. Imagine a mohawk that starts at the tip of your nose and goes to the base of your spine
  4. Really, Doc Savage’s style is distinctive! Jodhpurs?
  5. Only Iggy Pop has more neck musculature.
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