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Today’s Pulp Purchase: Death of a Citizen

A pleasantly cartoony cover: reminds me of Alex Toth.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: Ashenden the British Agent

60 cents. (sigh) In 1970 the minimum wage was $1.60 and you could buy this and a dozen eggs and a gallon of gas with that.

The minimum wage today is $7.25, and the average paperback retails around $13.95


Here’s the great thing about the above art: It’s a spiced up version of the below composition, which I found on the interwebs-  targeted to better entice the the American audience, where women wear purple swimsuits with cummerbunds more often than in Britain.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Cautious Coquette

I liked this cover so much I had to fotoshoppe out the text, frame & hang it in the (gun) powder room.
Cautious CoquetteCautious CoquetteArt

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