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Help! Jane! Stop this Crazy Thing!

We hover
Our flying cars
What’s below?
What ruined planets
The columns plunge through the clouds
At their base
What piles of skulls
Heaps of ordure and offal
Neither Spacely Space Sprockets nor Cogswell Cogs are hiring
There’s only one hour of work, only two days a week
What teeming filthy naked masses still roil down there? Is there real dirt-
Is there any water left?  Salt, blood?
The automat makes whatever meal
Our robot maid has a vacuum attachment
Space is strangely empty
Except for the shopping
Except for the banks
Not everybody got a jetpack
Just a few of us have these flying cars
Most of us got left behind I suppose
Sometimes a little smoke rises
Sometimes things fall and nobody knows what then
Do you smell that?
What’s down there?
Are these columns secure?




Today’s Pulp Purchase: Death of a Citizen

A pleasantly cartoony cover: reminds me of Alex Toth.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: Ashenden the British Agent

60 cents. (sigh) In 1970 the minimum wage was $1.60 and you could buy this and a dozen eggs and a gallon of gas with that.

The minimum wage today is $7.25, and the average paperback retails around $13.95


Here’s the great thing about the above art: It’s a spiced up version of the below composition, which I found on the interwebs-  targeted to better entice the the American audience, where women wear purple swimsuits with cummerbunds more often than in Britain.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Cautious Coquette

I liked this cover so much I had to fotoshoppe out the text, frame & hang it in the (gun) powder room.
Cautious CoquetteCautious CoquetteArt

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