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20 Years Dead: Borax Poster Archive

Borax RIP: 1986-1996. Click these posters, print on Zombie-Green Astrobright paper and hammerstaple to a telephone pole for a week to give ’em the proper patina and STREET CRED.

Art by Nitro and/or Greg Peters, except Elvis Windex  drew that pig quoting Socrates.


Old Borax Tshirt Design

Borax Tshirt

Available thru Cafepress-

BORAX: Croquet (1996)


She looked at me with eyes sublime,
A stranger, and stranger yet
She gave me tea,
A wedge of lime,
and so we played croquet.
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me
We waltzed a bit and wore white clothes,
Tiptoed thru the tulips,
I must admit I ate a rose
And drank a few mint juleps…
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me

(written 1986)

BORAX: Party with the Gods 1996

From “DEATH to BORAX LIVE”  the “last” Borax show,1996, before the horrified eyes of the Art Fair:

Poster Art by Greg Peters & Nitro

BORAX Video: Goin’ to Detroit circa 1995


With a tour thru the old poster varietals…

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