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Logo Recycling Program


Time goes by, and now the old Borax-via-Mucha Logo is less startled and working for Gold Dust Tarot. Recycling is important! Below, the Original-

Borax Tshirt


Greg Peters: the Romeo Portfolio

“I was just thinking about you. That little son of a bitch, I was thinking. “-Greg Peters 1962-2013

I went again to the vaults, and here’s all the Borax stuff Greg did, dating from 1986-2009. Nobody could draw a punk rock zombie like Greg.

1.greg peters.disorienting1.greg-peters.romeo martini1.greg-peters.romeo pak promo 1.greg-peters.skull 32451.greg peters.merry fuckin xmas

1.greg-peters.bullet thru

1.greg-peters.circus fun1.greg-peters.borax-voodoo-la1.Greg-peters.Borax-blammo-vl 11x17

I did the inks on a couple of these, the Xmas one, the one with the gun, the one with the cross, but it’s all pure Greg.

Rest Peaceful, my friend.

Please donate to the memorial educational fund for Greg’s 2 beautiful boys. They’re only 5-8 years out from college, and we all know that’s not available for people without money.

Go to any Chase Bank, tell them you want to make a deposit to the Magnus and Grey Wilder Peters Fund, routing #065400137.  If they need the account number, which they probably don’t, it’s 3011900171.

No, you can’t make withdrawals from the account. Nice try, though.

Old Borax Tshirt Design

Borax Tshirt

Available thru Cafepress-

BORAX: Croquet (1996)


She looked at me with eyes sublime,
A stranger, and stranger yet
She gave me tea,
A wedge of lime,
and so we played croquet.
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me
We waltzed a bit and wore white clothes,
Tiptoed thru the tulips,
I must admit I ate a rose
And drank a few mint juleps…
Croquet’s OK, croquet’s OK now, croquet’s OK by me

(written 1986)

BORAX: Party with the Gods 1996

From “DEATH to BORAX LIVE”  the “last” Borax show,1996, before the horrified eyes of the Art Fair:

Poster Art by Greg Peters & Nitro

BORAX Video: Goin’ to Detroit circa 1995


With a tour thru the old poster varietals…

Green Castle

pen, ink, Photoshop colors

Tempted to Take the Money

Acrylic on canvas, 36″x48″. Privately held in the Cazepis Collection

A Pirate Poem

“Avast ye, me hearties! A ship to starboard!
And she’s loaded with spices and silk!”
“Do you think they have cream?” A pirate implored;
“I prefer cream in tea, over milk.”
The mate and the swabs chewed upon their hard tack
With cutlasses sharpened, and knives:
(Though some of them knitted , and some played with jacks,
And some wrote sweet poems to their wives.)
The parrot croaked, “murder!” and epithets foul,
And the Captain lit candles in beard
And adjusted his eyepatch, his hook and his scowl,
And thought about wenches, and leered.
But the swabs were distracted by talk of ballet,
And the mate had to check on his fern,
The gunners were busy with their macrame,
And the pies in the oven would burn.
Soon the ship with rich booty was too far to see,
And the Captain he hung up his hook,
And sat down to crumpets and cupcakes and tea,
And read a nice romantic book.

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