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Thanks for Lugging the Cross Out of the Jungle


Nice pen work, isn’t it? (from Judge Parker, I think). Found stuck to filing cabinet. Useful metaphor, there, Lugging the Cross Out of the Jungle…


Space Pigeon

Soul Story: my Favorite Chick Tract

I have hundreds of Chick Tracts. I’m endlessly amused by them. That Jack T. Chick is one kooky, zany dude! But here’s a couple scans from my favorite one of all.

It’s no longer in heavy rotation among the tract-passers, but I consider it a classic.<a

You really have to appreciate the way Jack is trying to identify & get down with with the Superfly Generation, don’t you? The story is typical Chick formula: bad man lives terrible life but confesses his sins & accepts Jesus at the last possible moment to win THE GOLDEN TICKET OF DIVINE FORGIVENESS & HEAVEN. I do not find this nonsense uplifting, any more than promises of seventeen virgins to suicide bombers, or the necessity of last rites. I mean,  Chick Tracts are chock full of mortally repellent concepts,  but the artwork is terrific, particularly the Fred Carter illustrated tracts. Jack’s own cartoons are pretty primitive by comparison to Fred Carter’s drawing…  Look at how mad this warden gets:

And here’s the redemption scene. Whew! Just In time!

Autosarcophagy Fig.5: the Shmoo

…I do realize that true autosarcophagy requires that you eat yourself, and I’ve wantonly expanded the category in these threads to include simple vorarephilia, but I’m really speaking to a theme, a theme of enthusiastic, fetishistic self-sacrifice.

When the Repiglicans look at you, they see a Shmoo in training.

Come Down, You Winged Monkey

Statement of Intent

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