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Pulp Paperback: The Avenger- the Iron Skull

The Avenger was like Doc Savage’s depressed, spooky little brother.

Art by the inimitable George Gross.


Pulp Paperback: Doc Savage

Doc Savage has always been one of my prime personal character archetypes.
Scientist,Detective, Humanitarian, Adventurer, his every sense and physical attribute honed & toned relentlessly to the awesomest level.
Plus, totally mutant widow’s peak hairline.

Art by the inimitable James Bama.

Awesome “Monster Men” Cover #2

…after I posted the Frazetta cover for “the Monster Men,” I realized I had a different edition, with another great cover by…some other dude… already in my pulp bookcase. Clearly an Edgar Rice Burroughs work that inspires graphic excellence-

Awesome Frazetta Cover

In my humble opinion, Frank Frazetta did most of his best paintings for covers of Edgar Rice Burroughs books. The later, more painterly ones for the Pellucidar and Warlord of Mars series are legendary- but I got this for just $3.50 the day before yesterday- the 1963 edition of  The Monster Men. It makes me happy.

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