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How to Drive in Detroit

1. Not “I-75.” It’s the CHRYSLER FREEWAY if you’re motorvatin’ between Downtown Detroit and Pontiac, or the FISHER FWY from Downtown Detroit on Downriver

2. Ain’t “I-94″ that goes East to Port Huron and West to Chicago. It’s the EDSEL FORD FWY

3. It’s not “I-96 ” that comes out of Downtown and heads for Brighton, Lansing and points West, It’s the JEFFRIES (alternately known as the ROSA PARKS for the 3 miles between Ford Rd. and the Fisher Freeway, more recently)

4. It’s not “I-696″ running parallel to 11 Mile Road between I-275 and the Edsel Ford, It’s the WALTER P. REUTHER FWY.

5. It’s not “M-10.” It’s the JOHN C. LODGE

6. It’s not “M-8.” It’s the DAVISON

7. It’s not “M-39.” It’s the SOUTHFIELD FWY

…if you refer to TELEGRAPH as US-24, Le Nain Rouge will bite off your kneecaps


Wednesday Art Pirate Metaphor: Death on a Pale Horse


“Death on a Pale Horse” (1796) by Benjamin West

The naked dude in the center represents me, defending my wallet against bills.

Le NAIN ROUGE Fig.2 W/ Colour


A public service announcement; Every informed Detroiter knows to be wary of le sinistre et malveillant Nain Rouge.

Local Authorities have long suppressed the circulation of information on the subject because of the inevitable negative impact of a portentous screeching red dwarf on tourism, but there comes a time when the public good outweighs even the considerations of les commerçants et les hôteliers bourgeois, non?

BORAX Video: Goin’ to Detroit circa 1995


With a tour thru the old poster varietals…

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