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“Boss” Wreford, December 28, 1915

Here’s my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, William “Boss” Wreford, known as the Father of Detroit’s Meat Trade, in a picture from around 100 years ago. He arrived in Detroit from Devon, England in 1851 or 1852 and established the biggest meat market in Detroit, located first across the street from where the Renaissance Center is now, and then in Cadillac Square. I figured I should let him out of the archives for a look at the 21st century, but I can’t be sure how he feels about the state of things…

boss wreford

venn and wreford



Pithecophobia: Fig 13

Awesome “Monster Men” Cover #2

…after I posted the Frazetta cover for “the Monster Men,” I realized I had a different edition, with another great cover by…some other dude… already in my pulp bookcase. Clearly an Edgar Rice Burroughs work that inspires graphic excellence-

Pithecophobia: Fig 12


Pithecophobia Fig 11: WHITE PONGO


Pithecophobia Fig. 9 :even Wonder Woman isn’t Safe- from Nazi Apes.

One Zipper does it all.

Pithecophobia: Fig 5

Jodhpurs & Pith Helmets afford you but little protection- from guys in monkey suits

The Sweet Sound of Death


…what do you suppose that is, literally? Something tinkly, or more like woodwinds?

Awesome Frazetta Cover

In my humble opinion, Frank Frazetta did most of his best paintings for covers of Edgar Rice Burroughs books. The later, more painterly ones for the Pellucidar and Warlord of Mars series are legendary- but I got this for just $3.50 the day before yesterday- the 1963 edition of  The Monster Men. It makes me happy.

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