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Today’s Pulp Purchase: Resort Girls


Nitro’s Note: Yes, I buy them for the cover art, primarily. I have to confess that I can rarely read books like this particular one  because they’re too chock full o’ full of repressed and ugly sexuality, but it is delightful the way that erogenous zones are sharply demarcated by the censors: This 1964 novel, wherein you are forbidden to describe or imply any genitalia, has a sex scene every 3.2 pages, and therefore has an exhaustive approximate 2,734,045 adjectives and verbs for breasts.



Jungle Girl #647,279

Jungle Girl 647,279

Acrylic paint on textured paper on  ripped up old comic books. Trying to channel the old 1950’s Jungle Girl comic artists that didn’t have easy reference material that allows one to draw realistic animals, and so they end up looking like some kind of hamhanded medieval monster, like the below RULAH:

rulah 66

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