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Attacked by Tripod Robot For No Good Reason



Obscure Artifact Auction: Lot 6: Robocyclop #227

Number 227 of Dr. Sinestard’s One Thousand Robocyclop Guards: Dormant. Was clinging to my jetpack when I made it out of the crater.

Warning: If Dr. Sinestard was not in fact killed by the explosions, this could potentially be remotely reactivated. I didn’t have proper shielding to remove its plutonium battery. Bids start at $9,999.99

King of the Junkyard Robots: December 2014

Kingof the junkyard robots

There’s some artworks that I keep coming back to: this guy has evolved a lot over the past 6 years, with new buttons, widgets and doohickeys added as I find ’em

Roadprize 3452


Small Robot Helper

…Made by Dashiell; Tin Can and Assorted Hardware.

Robot Lamp

Lunchbox, Tea Canister, Glass Telephone Pole Insulator, Altoids Cans, Various Hardware

The Robo Enforcer

Wooden boxes, kitchen implements, Altoids cans.

Robot Shelf: for Comic Books

*He’s got an old glass telephone pole insulator on top, and his eyes are promotional glasses for Frangelico, shaped like ice cubes. His head lights up.

The King of the Junkyard Robots


Espresso can, Altoids boxes, copper toilet float ball, lamp hardware, various mechanical widgets & etc.

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