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New Painting! Under Construction for @ 2 years.

RED MENACEnitrovonborax


RED MENACE (c) 2014


2 Lotus Paintings for No Good Reason

.lotus red dragon.lotus pink

…From the 2005 Lotus Calendar. I really ought to try to reissue that next year, now that I’ve got a year to plan for it and maybe add a couple new paintings.  I SHOULD have reissued in 2011, which had the same starting day and number of days as 2005, but now I’ll either have to renumber the days or wait until 2022, which seems excessive.

New Evil Lotus Drawing

…Pen & Ink, colors in Photoshop, stolen stars…

Seasonally, this Lotus Calendar painting is probably more appropriate than the last one-

…This one was July in the calendar.

New Print of one of the 13 Lotus Calendar Paintings

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