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Pithecophobia: Fig 13


Pithecophobia: Fig 12


Pithecophobia Fig 11: WHITE PONGO


Pithecophobia Fig. 10: Pithecophobia from Paramount

Pithecophobia Fig. 9 :even Wonder Woman isn’t Safe- from Nazi Apes.

Pithecophobia Fig. 8: Worst Monkey Suit Yet

Pithecophobia Fig. 7: Monkeys with bad english skills

Pithecophobia: Fig 5

Jodhpurs & Pith Helmets afford you but little protection- from guys in monkey suits

Pithecophobia: Fig 4

Tip:  Bananas can be a sign of EITHER clowns or Monkeys.

Pithecophobia: Fig 3

…and then he pulled out a straight razor



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