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The TV Will Tell You When the Situation’s Normal

Mixed Medias incl. thousands of rubber bands, softball, power drink lids, TV in field, pencils, Photoshoppe


TSARS poster from 2009

The image was also used on the 45 vinyl release. I got her backdrop, with the hookah and colored curtains, from one of my ancient vintage exotica records called…sounds of the suez?… or something….but then I photoshopped in my own bellydancer over the somewhat shabby one in the original picture.

New Scan: Birthday

Gumball Machine Skeleton Piratized with Common Office Supplies & Cocktail Sword

Piratization: Oh, it’s a word.  & It totally happens.

Common American Prototypes Series 1

I had posted the Repiglican previously, but the Wolfublican and the dude from the SheeParty are new…

New Evil Lotus Drawing

…Pen & Ink, colors in Photoshop, stolen stars…

Seasonally, this Lotus Calendar painting is probably more appropriate than the last one-

…This one was July in the calendar.

New Print of one of the 13 Lotus Calendar Paintings


old painting, new digital print-

Ex-girlfriend (2011)

Pen & Ink, Picture of stars inset, Photoshop colors

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