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Autosarcophagy Fig. 8: Bon Appetit!


Autosarcophagy Fig. 7: Mr. Cheeze Biscuit in LOVE

Autosarcophagy Fig. 6: Mr. Peanut

…I took this picture of a life-size Mr. Peanut Costume in an antique shop window in Depot Town, Ypsilanti; the hollow eyes mutely attest to the moral vacuity of a nut that desires nothing so much as it’s own gormandization…

Autosarcophagy Fig. 5: Ham Heaven

Ham Heaven, in Ferndale. Out of business, now. But boy, did the pigs ever love being slaughtered and eaten at  Ham Heaven.

New Cavegirl Drawing

Pen & Ink & Photoshop & thanx to Frank Frazetta- Below, his Model:

New Scan: Birthday

New Evil Lotus Drawing

…Pen & Ink, colors in Photoshop, stolen stars…

Seasonally, this Lotus Calendar painting is probably more appropriate than the last one-

…This one was July in the calendar.

New Print of one of the 13 Lotus Calendar Paintings

Voodoo Doll 2



Rags, yarn, Wooden head, paint, spangles, old buttons, made by Eva & me.

OK, it’s not REALLY a voodoo doll, but you could easily retrofit it as a voodoo doll with a little hair or nail clippings, some newt blood & chicken bones.

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