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Fukushima. I won’t get tired of the subject for tens of thousands of years

Thanks to Al-Jazeera for a refreshing breath of hot-particle laden air

It’s a disgrace the way the industry has taken over this story in the U.S. media, but truth is a rapidly dwindling resource in our country, isn’t it?

If we were going to be grownups about nuclear power, the least we’d do is insist that nuclear power companies have a solid 50,000 year plan plan for dealing with all the waste generated. That would be one thing.  I mean, personally I find it hard to plan beyond next Tuesday, and that’s why I never build nuclear plants myself.

I think reasonable adults would also mandate that in the case of any industrial disaster the CEO’s and upper management of the responsible company should be the first people on the front line of cleanup work, with mops & shovels, or whatever. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Because if anyone deserves hot particles of caesium-137 or oil-and-Corexit fumes or lungfuls of methyl isocyanate, it would be them. That’s why I don’t build nuclear plants, or drill for oil in deep waters, or manufacture pesticides myself; because I’m a grownup. Grownups really should clean up after themselves, and it’s a shame when they don’t.

But we haven’t been grownups, and we haven’t been like children, who 1. are cute and 2. know enough to be frightened of  monsters beyond what they understand.  We’ve been like early-hormonal teenagers about this latest industrial atrocity, this wholesale poisoning of the world we all have to share. Like sleepy, frazzled 14-year-old kids, easily satiated with a surfeit of cheeze doodles, short-wired after a three-day video massacre binge, we’re uninterested in events that don’t immediately impact us,  anxious only for novelty whether real, filtered or completely fabricated.

Oblivious on the couch as the industry grinds on, with less oversight, and more lies, spewing their remarkably biotoxic poisons so they can sell us more energy.


Bad News/Good News Fukushima

The bad news is that Japanese Government is now admitting that Nuclear fuel  melted down, and through the base of the pressure vessels at three of the Fukushima reactors, which leaves the molten  liquid pooling in the bottom of the steel outer containment vessels.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency is now admitting that the radiation released in the days after the tsunami was twice the amount that was earlier stated.

The reactors continue to pump out radioactive steam & particles, and ooze radioactive water, and will continue to do so for months or years, poisoning the earth around Fukushima prefecture,  poisoning the air all over the Northern hemisphere, poisoning the water, plants and creatures of the Pacific ocean.

The good news is that we won’t have to replace the lightbulb in the fridge now that the milk glows.

No Nukes for the Swiss, either.

The Swiss will phase out all Nuclear Plants by 2034

It almost gives you hope that somebody’s paying attention.

Fukushima spurs potential job growth among senior citizens

 A team of pensioners are trying to assist with the continuing disaster in the Fukushima Nuclear Wasteland  .

I trust that corporations worldwide are taking note;  if you’ve gotten yourself in a fix by making a horrifying, monstrous biotoxic environmental catastrophe- and who doesn’t do that occasionally?- you can mitigate future payouts for long-term complications by utilizing people who don’t have a long term.

It’s a bold new opportunity! I  can imagine teams of geezers- Doom Squads- who can totter or wheel themselves into those  mortiferous arenas where younger workers might otherwise wastefully be poisoned prematurely,  reducing their potential for future contributions to corporate profits.

At the very least, the concept offers significant hope to the elderly in this country as well, as our kleptocratic Government rationalizes the elimination and/or privatization of the “entitlements” of Social Security and Medicare.

It’s not glamorous, but not everybody’s going to be able to be the Greeter at WalMart.

Passion Sty

I’ve been working on the imaging of these paintings. It’s difficult to get the colors true in the digital format, so I go for the garishly bright when in doubt.

Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 48″, in the private collection of Ms. Stella Magdalen

Highly recommended for the straight dope on Fukushima

Arnie Gunderson, former  senior vice president with Danbury-based Nuclear Energy Services, until fired for exposing unsafe practices,  has been giving a fantastic blow-by-blow analysis on the Fukushima meltdown(s). Thanks to Mike D.- I got this link from him.

It seems like old news already, but considering that the contamination will be around for 48,000 generations, we’d better increase our attention spans a little. The nuclear industry is totally delighted with our inability to plan past lunchtime tomorrow, I can tell you that much. And that’s the terrific thing for them: the vast majority of the repercussions from their negligent and pernicious practices wont present themselves for decades, or even centuries, and the industry continues to effectively control the story, if not the radiation, within just a couple of  months.

They’ve admitted that the explosions released 10 percent of the radiation emitted by Chernobyl- that’s just what they’ve admitted, it’s not likely to be the truth,  but if we’re lucky, maybe the documentaries they make about Fukushima 25 years from now will only be 10 percent as horrible and mind-blowingly tragic as this one about the children of Chernobyl, by Photographer Paul Fusco.

My family and I live just 40 miles from a nuclear plant of the same design as Fukushima. It has two cooling towers, and last June a funnel cloud went right between them.  It’s like playing REALLY BIG Russian Roulette.

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