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Pithecophobia Fig. 347: Chimp Shakers

Chimp Shakers

Salt & Pepper? NO THANKS


Pithecophobia: Fig 14

organ grinder

Office Monkey Coffee Cup


office monkey

If you’re right handed, it’s representational of how they see you to them, and as you hear them to you.  I think we could sell rather a lot of these… all credit to Jessica for the term “Office Monkey,” which she claims is her official title

R.I.P. Cheetah

Cheetah,  that is, the “Cheetah” known to some of his friends as Cheetah-Mike, a chimpanzee whose brilliant portrayal of a monkey in several Tarzan Movies with Johnny Weismuller in the early 1930’s,  has died, at the age of 80 years or something like that.

The presumed cause of death was kidney failure. He liked to fingerpaint, and could hit you with his poop from 30 feet if he had something against you.

Pithecophobia: Fig 13

Pithecophobia: Fig 12


Pithecophobia Fig 11: WHITE PONGO


Pithecophobia Fig. 9 :even Wonder Woman isn’t Safe- from Nazi Apes.

Pithecophobia Fig. 7: Monkeys with bad english skills

Pithecophobia: Fig 5

Jodhpurs & Pith Helmets afford you but little protection- from guys in monkey suits

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