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Today’s Pulp Purchase: Ashenden the British Agent

60 cents. (sigh) In 1970 the minimum wage was $1.60 and you could buy this and a dozen eggs and a gallon of gas with that.

The minimum wage today is $7.25, and the average paperback retails around $13.95


Here’s the great thing about the above art: It’s a spiced up version of the below composition, which I found on the interwebs-  targeted to better entice the the American audience, where women wear purple swimsuits with cummerbunds more often than in Britain.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Cautious Coquette

I liked this cover so much I had to fotoshoppe out the text, frame & hang it in the (gun) powder room.
Cautious CoquetteCautious CoquetteArt

Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Sun Bather’s Diary


Pretty dark for sunbathing, isn’t it? Lost in the 1950’s collage-style forest, nude but for a red book (Jungian reference). Great Cardinal logo, too.

I wish they hadn’t kneecapped her with the byline.

Today’s Pulp Purchase: Slab Happy

Slab Happy.jpg

Sample simile: “He had a size 20 neck, fists like large beef roasts, and arms like legs.” 

Shell Scott, L.A. P.I., sure gets beat up a lot, acts like an haplessly oversexed Bichon Frise around beautiful Hollywood Starlets and engages in some Spillane-Level messy violence, but he’s a delightful cut-up:

Doctor Clark said, smiling, “Oh, you’re a doctor?”
“Not exactly.” I grinned. “Sometimes I patch up problems. But my operations are usually, well, sort of unusual. You might call me one of the unorthodocs.” 


I haven’t yet come to the scene where the 70’s girl in the bikini perches on the coffin with a machine gun, but I am looking forward to it. That kind of iconic scene is what sells 40 million books





Today’s Pulp Purchase: Stranger in Town


Not a TERRIBLE Mike Shayne Mystery, although, spoiler, evil abortionists.

Mike Shayne, Miami P.I., has red hair and is therefore short-tempered, and he drinks cognac, which gives you differentiation in the bar scene. The broad depicted on the cover is described inside as having blonde ringlets, so it’s not a PERFECT representation for this book, but a pretty perfect cover for something.

Sample simile: “Hands the size of picnic hams” -bothers me because of ham/hand is slant-homonymous, but I appreciate how it doesn’t overshoot to Dinner-Ham-Sized Hands, which would be ridiculous.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Daring Decoy


Two highball glasses? This is what happens when you fall down the 12 steps.

Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Beach House


“A reckless blonde in a wide-open town.” She looks more anesthetized, or petrified, than reckless. I prefer the totally different, smirky reckless blonde with the weird right arm on the back of the book. Totally not the same blonde though. Nice try, Popular GIANT.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: Dolls are Deadly

Ain’t it the truth?


Wait- LOOK OUT MIKE! Is that a VOODOO PIN STICKING OUT OF A LEMON MERINGUE PIE way down at the bottom, cut off by the cover crop?



Today’s Pulp Purchase: The Golden Sorrow

Just look at this shameless cad, if you can even bear it. A pinky ring, really? YOU’RE GOING TO MEET THE SAME PEOPLE WHEN YOU’RE ON THE WAY BACK DOWN, you dog.


Today’s Pulp Purchase: Big City Girl

Purchased for 50 cents at Honest Injun’s Trading Post, in the UP. I did some minor cosmetic surgery to get her face unlined.


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