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Ri¢hie Ri¢k: It’s Raining Lead


The governor, known for quick action when acting in the interests of the American Legislative Exchange Commission & other corporate friends (Boy, did he pass the Emergency Manager Law fast after the voters of Michigan specifically voted against it) is remarkably measured and thoughtful in his approach to doing anything at all in Flint- indeed, he may find it best to do nothing. He’s pledged like 28 million dollars, which is like pushing a fat man into a  tar pit and then offering him a thimble to bathe in.

Witness further muddying of the waters by the masterminds of this mass poisoning: continuing to blame specific low-level scapegoats and,  more pointedly, “failure at all three levels of Government- Local, State and Federal” (Except the governor had deposed the local government and was stonewalling the federal government). This useful narrative fits the agenda of dismantling the government’s social contract with and responsibility for the people.
Reports will be also released about unrelated lead exposure in other communities. Aw, heck. Lead is all OVER the place (Except, most of that lead wasn’t malevolently spoon-fed to people).

But, really, the way it works is it’s just this one guy that is, ultimately, responsible. That’s the governor. His name is Richard Dale Snyder, and he’s the guy made all the creepy decisions that precipitated this unnecessary, racist, atrocity.  He knew the water was really, really, really dirty for a year and a half and he knew the kids, the seniors, 102,434 people were drinking it.

102,434 charges of Felony Poisoning.


Governor Pumps Eighteen Months of Lead into the Children of Flint


Here’s the timeline. But, short story: Plutocratic Governor deposes elected city government in a criminal and racist blow to the American political process. Governor’s appointed toady replaces lake water with river water and sells the good pipeline for 3.5 million dollars. River water causes pipes to seep lead, as predicted. For eighteen months, Governor ignores and tries to conceal evidence of poisoning.  More. There’s no fixing this. The water’s been switched back, but the corroded pipes will continue to seep lead.

And oh, how I wish Ri¢k $nyder would drink from those pipes for eighteen months. I do realize that  it’d be a big change from his usual diet of PURE HUMAN BLOOD


Highlights of Final Draft of Remarkably Repiglican 2012 Michigan Corporate Coup

The Repiglican Budget:

K12 schools lose $300 per student next year, on top of the $170 per student they were already scheduled to lose. Some public schools could get back $100 per student if they can fit some agenda-driven criteria, such as attempting to outsource noneducational services (1), making their teachers & other employees pay for health benefits(2), and transfering health insurance policy holdership to school district control(3).

Public Universities lose 15% of their budget, & Community Colleges lose 4%.

Universities have to report all stem cell research to the state. Universities are prohibited from providing benefits to unmarried domestic partners.

Welfare children lose an $80 per year clothing allowance.

People with disabilities lose $69 per month, of the $269 they currently get.

Prisons lose 3.5% of their budget- nutraloaf, anyone?- & are required to bid out their food and prisoner stores(1).

State Police lose 1.6% of their budget.

Cities & Townships lose $100 million in discretionary aid, & the remaining $200 million is  tied to their adopting agenda-driven policies (1 &2).

Additional Repiglican Taxes:

All people born after 1952 are now taxed on annual income generated by their pensions & retirement accounts:  the state hopes your 401k is performing well.

People born after 1946 who make more than 20,000/$40,000 married are now taxed on pension & retirement account income.

People who make more than $50,000 per year lose the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

People whose home has more than $135,000 in taxable value (270,000 sale price) lose the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

People who make more than $40,000 per year lose part of the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

The poorest families in Michigan lose two thirds of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Nearly 800,000 families receive this credit currently- they get an average of $436 per year. Well, they used to.

People on welfare will lose benefits after 48 months.

Here’s The Big Win:

“Businesses” win tax cuts of one point seven billion dollars.  And, just for an extra twist of the knife, when they have layoffs despite their payoffs,  they’ll pay unemployment for six weeks less than they used to have to, thanks to Snyder.

Recall Snyder Website

(1) instead of contracting through, for instance, union employees

(2) instead of job-inclusive health benefits

(3) instead of having the policyholder be, for instance, a teacher’s union

P.S. Yes, the new  Emergency Manager Legislation  also sucks.

Repiglicans for Snyder

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