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Attacked by Tripod Robot For No Good Reason



Obscure Artifact Auction: Lot 6: Robocyclop #227

Number 227 of Dr. Sinestard’s One Thousand Robocyclop Guards: Dormant. Was clinging to my jetpack when I made it out of the crater.

Warning: If Dr. Sinestard was not in fact killed by the explosions, this could potentially be remotely reactivated. I didn’t have proper shielding to remove its plutonium battery. Bids start at $9,999.99

Small Robot Helper

…Made by Dashiell; Tin Can and Assorted Hardware.

Robot Lamp

Lunchbox, Tea Canister, Glass Telephone Pole Insulator, Altoids Cans, Various Hardware

Robot Shelf: for Comic Books

*He’s got an old glass telephone pole insulator on top, and his eyes are promotional glasses for Frangelico, shaped like ice cubes. His head lights up.

Mach 5 / Robot Attack!

pen, ink, Photoshop colors and a lens flare for Greg

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